Looking for that Instagram famous ball pit rental? You are in the right place. Need kids entertainment at your event? We gotcha covered! We are like an indoor playground that comes to you at the convenience of your preferred location. Indoor or outdoor, we make any place baby and kid-friendly. Book us now!

What is Soft Play?

Soft play in a nutshell:

  • Foam-padded play equipment primarily for crawlers to six-year-olds
  • Creates a structured, stimulating, and safe play environment
  • Stimulates and develops physical dexterity and literacy*
  • Greatly beneficial for children with special/development needs
  • Most importantly, hours of interactive entertainment



Who said ball pits are just for kids?? Use our ball pit for photo shoots, birthday party’s & large events!

📐 Customize size up to 225 sq ft! Our ball pits start up at 100 sqft and can be increased increments of 25 sqft.

🖍 Customize our ball pit with your business logo, brand, name, and the ball colors for a personalized look!

🌈 Pick your ball colors. Standard ball pit color is white. We can add accent colors such as pink, orange, yellow, green, black, silver, and baby blue. 

🧼 Safely sanitized before & after every event

A little story about why you should soft play:

Have you ever imagined?  You’re at a toddler’s birthday party, and the kiddos are not screaming and sweating in a ginormous jumper.  You’re sitting through an entire wedding ceremony or reception, and your (or someone else’s) children are not interrupting the vows or first dance.  You’re enjoying a fragrant glass of Cabernet, schmoozing at your family-friendly corporate holiday event,  and your littles are not tugging on your gown because they’re bored and “want to go home–now!”  You’re buying thousands…no, several thousands of dollars worth of baby/toddler equipment and toys within the seriously-quick span of one to five years, and your tots are not rapidly getting tired of and not rapidly outgrowing those top-rated, “must-have” items.

We have.  We’ve imagined, because we’ve been there.  Our toddlers have been innocent-bystanders-turned-casualties of sweaty, screaming jumpers.  Our toddler has whisper-yelled (you know that one, ‘rents), “I wanna go!” while the groom emotionally recites his vows–sorry, cousin Phil.  Our toddlers have tugged on our new lace overlay gowns, wrinkled our freshly dry-cleaned suits, and lifted our satin dresses–in the middle of large crowds–because they’re “sooo bored.”  Our precious tots have expressed the “need” for so many toys and other development-related items which we’ve given into more times than we’re proud of and can remember.  To this day, we’ve basically handed away several thousands of dollars worth of baby/toddler items which our children rapidly “outgrew” and/or simply got bored of.  If only we knew then what we know now.  #ParentLife #ToddlerLife #StandTogether #KeepItTogether #ParenthoodIsTheBestHood #HugLife

Now, let’s shimmy down to how we may help prevent our dear littles from whisper-yelling, interrupting, tugging, convincing us to spend silly sums of our hard-earned money, and beyond.

*For all you fellow readers out there | Good (and lengthy) article about physical literacy