When you think of your traditional tea party for your children, you think of fancy little tea cups, adorable straw hats, and lets not forget those white gloves. Unfortunately, I could not find any of these items in our local stores so I decided to take the opportunity and do a modern spin on the classic tea party and this is how Bean Party was born!

The “Tea” Bean


Recipe for The Perfect Event.

Before I go into detail about the set up, I would first like to cover the recipe for the perfect event. When you think of an event, you have to think of who is involved, PEOPLE! What do people use to gauge what they like and don’t like, THEIR SENSES! Taste, sight, sound, and smell are all the ingredients (in that order) needed to make the perfect event. Often more than none, people forget about smell and sound! The next time you plan your event make sure you have all senses covered and that each sense is cohesive with your theme and the environment you want people to feel like they are in.

The Set-Up

Food (taste)

When it comes to children’s events like this, you can be fancy on a budget.

  • Rolled up ham slices served on a white platter with tooth picks
  • Cheese cubes served on a white platter with tooth picks
  • Decorative cookies
  • Popcorn
  • Lemonade




Decorations (Sight)

I live in the south and the temperature is warming up and we are craving those hot summer days in the shade so I went with a summery bright palette (coral, sunshine yellow, hot pink, mint green, peach) 

  • Peach Napkins/Pink & Gold Napkins
  • Pineapple Plates
  • Summer Plants 
  • Children’s Garden Chairs 
  • Children’s Tables
  • White Mesh Backdrop 
  • Fringe (we will have a separate blog on this)
  • White Serving Platters
  • Animal Friends

Music ( Sound)

The Bean Party was for my daughter V who is 3 years old. She loves up beat music so we played summery songs by Katy Perry and other various artists.

Scent (Smell)

We went with blueberry cheese cake from the Scentsy collection. If you have not tried this scent for your children’s events or even just for your home, you are missing out my friend!

I hope you found this blog helpful for your upcoming Bean “tea” Party and I hope to hear from you soon.